Summer Associates

Rhoads & Sinon  chooses its summer associates with a view towards future service as a full time associate. In many cases, members of our hiring committee conduct on campus interviews at various law schools throughout the Commonwealth and the Mid-Atlantic. We also welcome candidates from law schools at which we do not conduct on campus interviews. Many of our summer associates come to us this way. Second interviews are conducted at our offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Realizing that you will be making a very important decision affecting where you will begin your legal career, our attorneys take the time to conduct a thorough interview and to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the firm.

Our summer associate program is structured so as to provide each summer associate with a true to life experience in the practice of law while, at the same time, providing you with the opportunity to get to know the firm and us the opportunity to know you and the quality of your work.

Summer Associates are given assignments from each of the practice areas of the firm. Although most assignments focus on research, there are also opportunities to prepare various litigation documents, memorandums of law and closing documents for various business transactions. Additionally, summer associates will routinely be given the opportunity to accompany other lawyers to depositions, hearings, negotiations, trials and business closings. Such activities help to provide for a more interesting and realistic experience. Finally, although summer associates are not assigned to a particular practice area, we try to provide exposure to particular areas of the law which each summer associate may wish to explore.

Although we believe that each of our summer associates will be capable of successfully undertaking the responsibilities assigned to them, we understand that the practice of law is vastly different than most of our summer associates' prior experiences. Accordingly, each summer associate is assigned to an associate mentor. The mentors serving in the summer associate program are either recent law school graduates or associates who have experienced the firm's summer associate program first hand. All of the mentors remember what it was like to be a summer associate and are there to share their experiences, answer questions and provide general guidance. In addition to seeking guidance from a mentor, the firm prides itself on having a truly "open door" policy where every attorney, partner or associate, is available to discuss any questions that any summer associate may have relating to an assigned project.

In order to track progress during the ten week summer program, evaluations are obtained for each project from the assigning attorney. Each evaluation critiques analytical ability, research skills, writing ability, verbal skills, dependability and overall effectiveness with respect to the assignment. The evaluation forms are returned to the mentors and are reviewed in detail with each summer associate. This provides valuable information in helping to assess strengths and weaknesses and, more importantly, provides an opportunity for you to work on any areas that may need improvement. The evaluation forms are also utilized by the hiring committee at the end of the summer program to evaluate summer associate performance in connection with your candidacy for a full-time associate's position. Each summer associate also receives an exit interview at the end of the summer.

At Rhoads & Sinon we place great emphasis on quality of life as well as quality of work. Throughout the summer we provide for various social events in order to give summer associates an opportunity to meet the members of the firm. Most of the events are very informal and allow you to get to know many members of the firm outside the working environment. Our summer activities traditionally have included practice group breakfasts, summer picnics, Harrisburg Senators games, a Mt. Gretna musical event, and the firm's annual golf outing.

Inquiries concerning summer associate hiring should be made via regular mail: Hiring Coordinator, Rhoads & Sinon LLP, One South Market Square, P.O. Box 1146, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1146.