Medical Reimbursement

When it comes to Medical Reimbursement matters Rhoads & Sinon LLP has negotiated on behalf of various health care providers with managed care organizations and other third party payors concerning the appropriateness of payments for hospital and physician services. Because of its substantial experience in this area, the firm has developed significant expertise in those reimbursement areas that most often affect both institutional and freestanding health care providers.

The firm also provides advice and participates in administrative proceedings involving reimbursement disputes with Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and other third party payors. It has represented hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement disputes before the Provider Reimbursement Review Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

The firm's attorneys have lectured to hospital and physician provider representatives in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania on reimbursement and billing issues relating to physician, diagnostic testing and outpatient services reimbursement.