Amanda Lavis to Present at the 2016 Business Women's Forum

The Business of You: Owning & Maximizing Your Personal Brand

May 25, 2016
Messiah College - High Center

Panelists: Kim Cole – The Sales Zone; Jillian Williams - Bevrore Photography; Amanda Lavis, Rhoads & Sinon; 

Panelist1 Panelist2 Panelist3

Presentation Summary: People want to do business with people. How you let people know who you are and what you do is critical. Everything you post online impacts your personal brand—what does your brand say about you? Is your online presence your best image? You are your own Chief Marketing Officer—take charge of you! LinkedIn is a crucial tool for professionals in establishing and maintaining a personal brand. It helps you promote your strengths and reminds viewers why you are special and why they should do business with you. From using online photos reflecting your best professional self, to accurately portraying your business and professional values, this session will discuss the tools needed to maximum your LinkedIn brand.

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