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Start a Law Blog…That’s What My Son Told Me To Do

I guess now I can be a cool kid…

Longtime lawyer, technologically impaired, closer to 60 than 30….

Interesting the things I could say to describe myself. My name is John and I’ve been practicing law for longer than you’ve likely been alive. I have a wife, two grown kids, a thriving legal practice. But guess what? I’m bored to tears. The pandemic that we are currently in has turned our whole world upside down, me included.

I was speaking to my son about the boredom that has set in for me…. Endless days in the house, can’t go outside much (after all I’m in the “risky” category” due to my age and health). The worst part? I don’t really have any hobbies or interest in any hobbies. My son suggested that I start a blog discussing the law (which is something I love) and use it as an outlet to say all the things I can’t really say to partners or clients.

Since I’ve been an employment attorney for most of my adult life (save for that quick stint into personal injury….oops) I think I will write about those things that I know about. My goal here, is to share some general wisdom about some key aspects of law as it relates to employers, employees, and how to navigate this tricky employment world that we live in. After I cover some general topics, my goal, my real intention with this blog, is going to be to give you insight into the things lurking in the deep dark crevices of my brain. Those things in employment law that are “hush hush.” I’ll save those juicy details for down the road but let’s just say, I’ve always wanted to be a John Grisham type and I have the background of stories to give me inspiration.

So off we go…

I’ll start by writing some general informational stuff about employment law, discrimination, workplace harassment, diversity, and wage and hour issues. I’ll also cover a plethora of Human Resources topics since most of my time with “clients” are spent with the HR Team.

Let’s hope I don’t bore you to tears…but….I guess I’m not too concerned since my whole goal here is to just kill some boredom of my own!!

Finally, I think it’s smart if I just use my first name during this whole blog. I still have an active practice and if I finally get around to writing those “John Grisham” style stories from my past, I will want to remain anonymous. I’ll also have to change those names as well I guess.

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure!


p.s. I guess since I’m a lawyer I should also add that this is truly my “personal” blog and is not associated with my own law firm or any other law firm. These are my opinions and you should contact your own attorney before acting on any writings of this blog. Yes, I’m an attorney but I’m not YOUR attorney and you should always seek legal advice before taking any other actions in your business (especially from reading something on the internet).